The Borlee 3D Printing Box

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Introducing: The Borlee Box

Turn your 3D printer into a WiFi app enabled smart machine!

3D printing has witnessed significant advancement over the last few years. Now we can print bigger, faster, and with a much wider choice of materials. However, one challenge still remains unsolved even today, which is the complicated procedures required for 3D printing. And now that’s about to change…



Click here to see our Borlee Box prototype in action!
Click here to see our Borlee Box prototype in action!





At Borlee we’re always looking for ways to make 3D printing easier and more convenient.We want 3D printing to be something available to everyone and not just the select few designers and engineers. This has always been our core mission. So we challenged ourselves to solve this difficult problem. Today we are here with an affirmative answer, and we’re excited to introduce to you our latest innovation- The Borlee 3D Box- an entirely new solution to dramatically improve the use of 3d printers.

Easy 3D printing set at the press of a button, all on the comfort of your smart phone.Click the “ok” button on the app, and the 3d box will control the printer automatically slicing, heating and printing the model is selected. Also you can adjust the printing size of any of the models.


GET FULL CONTROL: Get real time to control movement of X, Y, Z axis, the hot bed, heating of the extruder and material out from extruder.

Real time to monitor temperature of printer and hot bed. Check the printer if in printing, or in slicing etc. any state. When it is printing any online model, it will be show how long the printing time is and how much weight of material is needed. After the printing is finished, it will send you a tip to remind you.


Borlee Box Supports reprap 3d printer,ultimaker, borlee 3D printer and any others open source 3d printer.



There are hundreds and hundreds of 3D print models to choose from. Easily scroll through the print files, select, and upload to your printer at the press of a button. Sit back in your comfy sofa and print with ease. The file you select will be sent to the box to be sliced and printed automatically.

No matter when or where, you can remotely print models downloaded from our app library or saved in any SD card storage. Save yourself the headaches and streamline the printing process by skipping computers, slicing software and SD cards.

FIRMWARE COMPATIBILITY: Borlee box supports the 3D printer firmware that uses the gcode for the control instruction. The firmware like Marlin, Sprinter, Repetier, RepRapFirmare, Teacup, Smoothie, MakerBot etc.

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Risques et défis

At Borlee 3D Printing, we’ve created a number of 3D Printer products and electronic accessories. Our team members are experienced and knowledgeable about product design and know how to take creative concepts and bring them to life, following a development timeline and executing tasks ranging from ID design, prototyping, factory production and management, and shipping logistics. We work with a reliable factory that we’ve trusted to produce other products and know what to expect for the development and production of our new Borlee Box.

Every project will have its risks and challenges, but we’ve managed to minimize those risks by having assembled a top notch design team ready to take on any challenges that may surface along the way. Our current prototype shows that we’ve worked hard and solved many R&D and technical issues in creating an advanced, smart-app enabled 3D printer. We have closely examined and tested our product with a number of prototypes before reaching the current status. We are sure to be transparent with our supporting backers by offering regular campaign updates and by answering questions from the backer community as they arise. We welcome feedback and backer involvement with our project.

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